We can't really think of anyone we want to do this week--Britney continues to depress the shit out of our libido and manly-man McCain just makes us fear for the future of the Supreme Court and reproductive rights. And our "WWYD: The Quarterback Edition" stalled at "Uh, that guy Jessica Simpson is sleeping with...and was O.J. a quarterback?" So instead, we thought we'd let you vote on your favorite gratuitously-sexed-up Super Bowl ad ever...

1. Joe Namath says, "I'm so excited, I'm gonna get creamed!"--by Farrah Fawcett, no less, in the 1973 Super Bowl ad for Noxzema. Not the subtlest of double-entendres, but, hey, that's the '70s for you.

2. pokes fun at the controversy surrounding Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction while simultaneously providing all the sports fans with handfuls of T&A. A cheap shot, though we kind of like the closing line from the bench: "Those are not real."

3. Budweiser's "Wassup?!" guys. Kidding. But you know that at least three drunk frat boys that year got a laugh out of yelling "Wassup?!" right as they came.

4. Bob Dole's "Easy boy" in the Britney Pepsi ad. Sure, Britney makes us cry these days, but that ad made us see Bob in a whole new light.

5. Those cowboys who herded a bunch of cats in the 2000 ad for EDS. We still don't know what the hell EDS does, but the ad reminded us of a guy's personal ad we once saw that featured a photo of a topless dude cuddling a kitten in his curled bicep.

6. The Ridley Scott-directed ad for Apple computers in 1984, when a jogger (a.k.a. Apple) throws a sledgehammer into a giant Big Brother image (a.k.a. IBM). Don't tell us we're the only ones to get lady boners for Apple products. (Though we know they had better jogbras than that back in in the '80s.)

7. Cindy Crawford's high-waisted denim shorts and bushy eyebrows in 1992's Super Bowl ad. (We prefer the 2002 remake which ends with her getting into an SUV with her two kids, though it wasn't a Super Bowl spot. But, yay MILF.)

8. The 2003 Miller Lite Cat Fight: two model types strip down to their undies and wrestle in a fountain and then a mud bath. Points for the blank looks on the faces of the women in the bar at the end. Also, you can kind of read it as making fun of dudes for their uninspired inner fantasy life ("I've got a great idea for the ending!"). But maybe that's just Em's inner optimist speaking.

9. The Grey's Anatomy shower scene promo that aired right after the 2006 Super Bowl. Not technically a commercial, but the line "You're smarter than me and you've got great hair" is one of the better commentaries we've heard on the male ego-libido-vanity triad.

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