An article in the Metro UK this week discusses men who just aren't that into sex--apparently there's been a 40 percent rise (poor word choice, perhaps) in men seeking counseling because they've lost interest in sleeping with their wives, girlfriends, or any woman for that matter. Experts blame it on stress, depression, long working hours, and PMS (oh wait, never mind). Seriously, though, Joe Average's libido is sagging, apparently, and everyone's got their knickers in a twist about it. But our favorite part of the article is when an expert explains the recent switch in men's sexual issues: "Men used to come to us with impotence-now known as erectile insufficiency--but Viagra has sorted some of that problem." Erectile insufficiency?! Next they'll be saying that when some skanky dude dry-humps you from behind on the dance floor and pokes you with that banana in his pocket, it's just erectile surplus.


Melissa said:

So what's your take on this discussion, gals? I've sensed the same switch in comments on this site and Elastic Waist--girls complaining that their libido is higher than their boyfriend's, a problem I've had in every one of my relationships. Is it just men being threatened by strong, sexually empowered women? Is it women aging and reaching their sexual peak while men fall rapidly downhill from their own peak? Are they all crossing their legs while they watch Clinton speeches? Is it the added pressure of having to bring their partners to orgasm, instead of just blowing their own load? Is it just a problem for the sort of women that frequent this kind of blog?

I tend to think that this kind of issue may have been going on all along (reread the Widow's Tale from Chaucer), but it's only now getting publicity as men feel free to open up about their sexuality, just like women have been taught to, and counseling is no longer stigmatized.

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In one sense, revenge sex—when you sleep with your ex's nemesis, roommate, sibling, parent, or pet in order to pay them back for dumping you--totally works: how could your ex not be grossed out / horrified / disillusioned / damaged for life? But unless your ex is a few peas short of a casserole, your cunning plan is sure to backfire, because they'll know exactly why you slept with their paste-eating dork of a sibling, and the most overwhelming emotion they will feel is deep, abiding pity for you.
--From Buh Bye: The Ultimate Guide to Dumping and Getting Dumped

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