05.15.2008  BY EM & LO

It's here! The best sex manual ever written in the history of sex manuals! We, of course, are biased, having penned the 200-page illustrated hardcover ourselves. But even our fellas are raving about its contents! Guess that doesn't count either. Well, you'll just have to get a copy for yourself, your loved one, your best friend and your Dad (makes a great Father's Day gift!) and then you can all decide for yourselves. It's chock full of fab photos by fashion photographer Rankin (you know he's good if he only goes by one name), and all the really dirty stuff is covered by nice and detailed illustrations. There's stuff on everything from setting a sexy scene to taking naughty photos, from stripping for each other to spanking each other, from roleplaying after a costume ball to good ol' lube. We cover the G-spot, the P-spot, the A-spot and even the U-spot. Ever heard of the perineal sponge? You will, as soon as you make "Sex: How to Do Everything" your next coffee table book -- we promise it's one your guests will actually look at!

Take a peek inside:



Ariel said:

I want it!

SHEROO said:

yrs i want it

nasiru said:

i like your work

Ramona said:

I need it

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In one sense, revenge sex—when you sleep with your ex's nemesis, roommate, sibling, parent, or pet in order to pay them back for dumping you--totally works: how could your ex not be grossed out / horrified / disillusioned / damaged for life? But unless your ex is a few peas short of a casserole, your cunning plan is sure to backfire, because they'll know exactly why you slept with their paste-eating dork of a sibling, and the most overwhelming emotion they will feel is deep, abiding pity for you.
--From Buh Bye: The Ultimate Guide to Dumping and Getting Dumped

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