05.06.2008  BY EM & LO
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Okay, okay, okay, fine. We give in. We'll talk about the freakin' movie that everyone's talking about. Or rather, we'll let you talk about it, in a special Sex and the City edition of "Who Would You Do."

Charlotte. Pros: Those leaked photos from her alleged sex tape were kind of hot, in a disgraced-cheerleader kind of way. And who didn't wonder if Charlotte was secretly the dirtiest in bed? Cons: Would Charlotte really make a sex tape? We lost count of the number of sex acts that elicited an "ew gross" reaction from her.

Samantha. Pros: She's Samantha. And Kim Cattrall is a real-life cougar. Cons: She's Samantha. Also, Kim Cattrall once married a jazz musician and then they co-wrote a sensual guide to love-making. Yes, they called it love-making.

Carrie. Pros: We guess if you enjoy post-sex rhetorical questions as pillow talk, then she's your gal. Cons: Total high maintenance shag. And if you accidentally farted or queefed, she'd scream and run out of the bedroom.

Miranda. Pros: You know she wouldn't be offended if you brought along your vibrator. Cons: She'd probably give you more directions than a traffic cop.


Ariel said:

Yeah the Carrie screaming thing is such a huge turn off. It's not a scream, it's a squeal (or maybe I'm thinking of Sarah Jessica Porkher).
I would say Miranda, totally. Besides, Cynthia Nixon is a lesbian now so you know she'd totally be into it.

Talia said:

every guy i know says Charlotte and I'd have to agree

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