In case we hadn't made ourselves clear yet, we're huge fans of Lelo sex toys. Sure, you have to save up for them, but that's because your genitals aren't a cheap date. (If you treat them that way, with cheap, potentially toxic, rubber toys, you may well end up with a nasty irritation--or worse.) And we have a big crush on the latest toy in the Lelo collection: the MIA Pleasure Object, a USB-rechargeable vibrator that can pass as a lipstick in your pocketbook. Don't you just love its James-Bond-esque moniker? Sure, undercover lipstick vibrators have been on the market for years, but everything else out there is a crappy novelty item that's meant more as a bachelorette-party gag gift than an actual stimulator. Lelo toys, on the other hand, get the job done. Plus, those other lipstick vibes resemble tacky lipstick cases from the '80s--Lelo's version is, natch, gorgeous. Sure, a lipstick vibe will never be the workhorse that, say, the Hitachi Magic Wand is, but it makes a great, unintimidating gift for a friend who's vibe-skeptical. And those trusty Hitachis aren't exactly portable. You can slip this puppy into your briefcase for rough days at the office or those interminable transatlantic flights and charge it using the USB port on your laptop between seshes. Now that's the kind of mile-high club that we should all be members of.


Isis Uptown said:

I have a great lipstick vibrator that I got about eight years ago from libida.com - it really works.

Checking just now, I see they still have it: http://shop.libida.com/lipstick_vibrator.asp

Amanda said:

Ok i went on the Lelo website and was unable to find this particullar vib. Where do i find it?

Em & Lo said:

Strange, the press release said it would be available starting June 15th. We've inquired with the company -- we will let you know what we hear.

Ana Campos said:

Hi Em, Lo and Amanda,

We had a minor technical glitch with LELO's webpage, but the Mia is now on sale. You can find it here: http://www.lelo.com/shop/default_mia.asp?id=mia

Kind regards,

Ana Campos / Lelo.com

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