Even though we're back stateside from London, we unfortunately couldn't make any Gay Pride parades yesterday. Looking at all the pictures and articles today from both the New York and San Fran events makes us bummed we missed such obviously fun public parties. It makes us want to get dressed up outrageously more (not just on Halloween), it makes us want to invest in glitter, it makes us so happy for such loving couples to finally tie the knot, and it makes us a little bit verklempt to see little kids with rainbow balloons dancing and smiling who have no idea what homophobia means. How could anyone be opposed to this?!

Okay, maybe the skin-tight gold lame thongs are a bit much for the young'ns, but it's no worse than what they see on the covers of women's and gossip mags on line at the grocery store. Intellectually, we get why some people feel they have to follow irrational religious decrees and why others' pea-sized brains can't grasp how something so wrong for them could be so right and, yes, natural for others; but emotionally, we just don't get it. Why infringe on anyone else's happiness? And frankly, who wouldn't want to put on a wig and some sparkly makeup and rollerskate on a sunny afternoon? Protest all you want, but you know that just like everyone has a feminine side and an inner alpha dog, there's also a little gay diva in everyone just dying to get out.

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