We know that you're all about being as healthy and strong as you possibly can be, but what about your poor, overlooked vadge? Sure, when it comes time to deforest, you're jackie-on-the-spot, but can your princess hold its own in a sexual triathlon? Clearly, you need to be pumping some iron...well, not literally, because ooh, ouch. Check out Luna Beads, which are vaguely space age-looking balls that you stick inside your business and apparently they do a little rocking and rolling, increasing the strength of your "pelvic floor." Which is all just fancy talk for mind-blowing orgasms and not having to wear Depends undergarments when you're 80.

I don't know, they kind of look like those knocker things that you used to play with in the '70s, you know, the things that got pulled from shelves because they were impossible to use without beaning yourself in the head?  But I guess if it means that I won't worry about wetting my pants when I sneeze when I'm Betty White's age, maybe I shouldn't be so repressed. What do you think?
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DancingGeisha said:

Looks like a fun little toy but you could take belly dance lessons and have more fun while getting the same results. Lots of belly dance moves use contracting of the pelvic floor and the hips circles and shimmies are fun to use whether your on top or bottom.

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