• Invest in sheets with a decent thread count--there's nothing sexy about your bare skin against the equivalent of burlap.
  • Make sure your bed gives you both proper support, because if you've got a bad back, you're not going to feel much like pelvic thrusting.
  • Get rid of the bright overheads and decorate with some soft, flattering, low lights in various corners--even better if you put them all on dimmers.
  • Don't put one side of your bed against a wall--that's for kiddies and college students.
  • And the bedside tables that Keller recommends on either side of the bed should definitely have drawers so you can discreetly have lube, condoms, and sex toys within arm's reach.



Wait--we're not supposed to put a side of the bed against the wall, but we can't have it in the middle of the room either? Where CAN it be?

Conrad said:

Why do you need to have drawers, just have the lube on the night stand as is.

Racquel said:

I was confused at first by the bed advice, but I realized they were talking about putting the bed literally in the middle of the room, as in the headboard not even touching the wall. I think putting the head of the bed against the wall is okay...


Although interesting to read I doubt all this new-age fung shui stuff will actually give someone. Isn't it more up to the man and woman involved to improve their sex lives on a man-woman basis? I'm not saying setting the mood with the right bed, flowers, etc., wont improve things, it will definitely make it nicer, but it's not the foundation for great sex.

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