About a week ago we began answering this question in a post and asked you for other bright ideas. Well, we got some great suggestions in the comments. Plus, we did a little more investigative research of our own. And so we've decided to do a more comprehensive list of sex toy storage solutions -- here are 17. Just remember to abide by the storage rules we outlined before...

1. Devine Toy Storage
This is probably the most stylish line of purpose-made sex toy storage containers available. They've got a lockable toy box, a carry-on, a condom cube (which could be used for a little bullet vibe or vibrating cock ring), a satchel (pictured above) for bigger items like a paddle or a bunch of stuff for a naughty weekend, even a lingerie envelope. The site is cool, but you can't get a great feel for what they really look like until you visit other sites that have them for sale, such as Babeland and Feel Your Passion.

2. For Your Nymphomation Collection
Hands down, the best name in the biz of sex toy storage. They've got various-sized toy boxes (even one specially designed for your Hitachi Magic Wand), various-sized individual toy cases (including a tubular one in the shape of a heart, aw), a bridal collection for the best bachelorette party gift ever, bdsm cases for long floggers, even a big rolling suitcase with about a million pockets inside (for dominatrices, Tupperware-style sex toy party throwers, and people really addicted to sex toys).

3. Three Number Combination Lock Boxes
These are lightweight boxes with metal trim lined with either a black vinyl or black velvet interior. Erotic Rites has three styles available (black, silver, and pink with a butterfly pattern). BetterSex has a larger version of the pink box.

4. Fun Factory Cans and Bags
Of course our favorite toy manufacturer makes something cool to store their prod in. They've got a striped can and a silver can for their smaller toys like their Smartballs and miniVibes, as well as a velvet bag with satin lining for most of their standard-sized vibes and dildos. Eden Fantasy has got both cans.

5. Sneaky Sack
Holistic Wisdom has a whole series of sex toy storage products. The first is a locking bag that's antimicrobial, washable, and durable with three separate storage pockets!...

6. Zomi Bags
Holistic Wisdom also has bags in oriental silk brocade big enough to carry multiple bedside accessories (way better than animal print).

7. Separation Bags
Finally, Holistic Wisdom has individual bags to prevent toys from coming into contact with each other. They come in three fabrics -- neon crush, organza, and satin -- all, unfortunately, in shades of purple.

8. Sex Toy Pillow
They look like regular throw pillows, but there's a secret zippered compartment, usually lined with silk, for storing all your sex toys and lubes. The concept is awesome, though we wish the fabric choices weren't so lame. There's the animal print and the grandma pattern. See #15 for another idea.

9. Under the Bed Storage Container with Foam Padding
The typical plastic flat storage containers are great if you've got a bunch of toys to store, though they're usually clear, which isn't that discrete. But take DailyBedpost reader Donna's awesome suggestion and get a stock foam case insert you can customize to your individual toy needs and voila!

10. Shoe Organizers
There are under-the-bed, hang-in-the-closet, and, like DailyBedpost reader Lolita recommended, over-the-door varieties.

11. Tool Box
DailyBedpost reader Stan said he went to the local home supply outlet and got a manly tool chest ("for my, uh, tools").

12. Tackle Box recommends a tackle box: "This box keeps everything in its place and protects your toys from dirt and dust, and the transparent lid lets you keep inventory of your toys and supplies. With its low profile, it's perfect for sliding out of sight under the bed or sofa."

13. Plastic Desk Tray
While we didn't think's suggestions of using a tool belt, a spice rack or a vertical desk organizer were all that practical, the plastic desk tray could work if put in a drawer and perhaps covered with a towel.

14. Around-the-House Re-Purposed Separation Cases
Makeup bags or old clean socks are a cheap and easy way to keep each of your toys from touching each other, from clinking around in a drawer, and from gathering dust.

15. Make Your Own
DailyBedpost reader Jen said she crocheted her own cases for each of her toys. The DIY Network tells you how to make your own pillow with a secret pocket.

16. Book with Secret Compartment
You can pay a lot of money for one like this. Or, like we said before, you can make your own, just like Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption. Here's how.

17. The Box the Toy Came In
If you bought a cheap novelty toy (shame on you), it'll have come in a cheap plastic box you should just throw away (consider ditching the toy too). But if you invested in a nicer toy (that'll be nicer to your body), then chances are good it came in it's own nice carrying case, like the like the Delight or the Fukuoku 9000.



At my happy little home, the small, fireproof, lockable safe does the trick for my toys & passport. All the other important papers at in the safe deposit box at the bank anyway. Keeps the kids out!

Keisha Adams said:

I do have a Sex Toy that looks like a pillow. I don't need to worry carrying it around because no one knows its naughty nature unless they have one also.

Stephanie said:

There is also Toi Bocks!
Toi Bocks
is the ultimate in sex toy storage, going beyond discreet and stretches into the realm of secure! Though you’ll find no keyhole on this elegant cherry wood jewelry box, there is a lock. To release the top tray (which hides the storage below) you use the magnetic “key” that’s stored under the lid.

Nice tips there.. It's very informative, it really gives me the idea on how to store my sex toys well. Thank you..Good job!

vibe-master said:

I personally find this product good you can store your sex toys in just one container or a bag and put it in a safe place that you only know where it is. Thanks for this information about this product nice work.

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