08.19.2008  BY EM & LO
Did you see Cloris Leachman on the Bob Saget roast on Comedy Central Sunday night? She was the pottiest mouth amongst a crowd of potty mouths and she was hi-larious ("I have vibrators older than most of you"). Also, she totally made out with John Stamos. Click here for the Stamos/Leachman make-out flip-book. That was more than just a fake-out kiss for TV--he held her face like a John Hughes movie kiss and we swear there was tongue. Seriously, that kiss lasted for like 10 seconds--we were totally blushing. Stamos went in for the smooch after Leachman opened her roast by saying, "I am not here to roast Bob Saget. I am here to fuck John Stamos. You heard me pretty boy, I'm going to strap on my Oscar and take you right there in that filthy beanbag chair." You hear that, Sarah Silverman? She's fucking John Stamos.


Joshua said:

To make things even better, I just read this: "Cloris Leachman has challenged theatre star Mel Brooks to a fight so she can prove she is healthy enough for a role in his forthcoming Broadway musical Young Frankenstein."

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