09.29.2008  BY EM & LO

We watched the latest episode of True Blood last night on HBO. Anna Paquin's annoying face-twitching method of acting made us almost quit the show for good, but the hilarious side plot about her brother's troubled relationship with his penis will keep us tuning in for at least another week. After the episode, we caught a promotional clip for HBO, which Ad Freak says is directed by Oscar-winning Sam Mendes. We see a couple ferociously getting it on in the bathroom of an airplane. They clean up and sneak back to their seats one at a time -- her first, then him. When he takes his seat, it's -- get this -- beside her, and their hands clasp to reveal her wedding ring.

Awwww! We totally weren't expecting that. The cliché, at least on television and in movies, is two strangers deciding to join the mile high club together. Only people who don't know each other that well could muster that kind of unbridled passion -- or so the lame conventional wisdom goes. So we were so delighted and surprised to see hot naughty sex between committed partners. Refreshing!

But wait, the promo continues and we see the exact same thing begin again: the couple ferociously getting it on in the airplane bathroom, cleaning up and sneaking back to their seats one at a time. But this time, when he takes his seat, it's beside his unsuspecting wife -- the lady in the loo is directly across the aisle from him giving him a secret, knowing side glance. Fade to black, followed by the words on the screen "There are stories... And there are HBO stories." Boooooo! Booooooooooooo!

Okay, alright, we'll admit it: adultery makes for better drama than blissful, healthy, committed relationships that are stronger than Bounty. A character has a fatal flaw, which creates a big conflict, which ultimately the character resolves -- that's drama. And we guess that's HBO -- the cheating channel! But it's been done so many times before that what was interesting and exciting and different about the first half of this promo -- at least to us -- was the idea that committed sex could be hot.

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