Even though McCain's choice for VP last week is a woman, the evangelical, socially conservative Sarah Palin couldn't be more anti-woman. According to Cecile Richards, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund President (who delivered a great speech at the Democratic National Convention last week), "When Palin was running for lieutenant governor in 2002, she sent an e-mail to the Alaska Right to Life board saying she was as 'pro-life as any candidate can be.'" According to Naral Pro-Choice America, "Palin, a member of the anti-choice group Feminists for Life, said during her campaign for governor that she is opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest." RH Reality Check has a great summary of why you should be afraid, be very afraid: the overturning of Roe v. Wade, more ineffective abstinence-only education (and yes, ineffective abstinence-only education begins at home!), a pro-active assault on gay rights... Fortunately, Condomania has your first line of defense: Palin Protection condoms! (For reals!) Your second (and most important) line of defense, of course, is to register and then actually vote this coming November 4th to ensure that McCain/Palin don't take us back to the 1950s when it comes to repro rights and sexual freedoms.


Anti-woman, or pro-baby? Granted, she does oppose aborting a baby after it is born alive, in contrast to Sen. Obama's vote while in the Illinois legislature.

Rolando said:

Considering she slashed funding for state programs that helped teenage mothers as Gov. of Alaska, yea, I'd say she is anti-woman.

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