3. Conversation should be kept light and airy; avoid the subjects of life goals and family dysfunction.

4. However, this is most definitely not an excuse to avoid the safer sex conversation. Hey, if you followed rule #1, you've already established that you're going to do it, so it's not like it'll seem presumptuous to discuss latex and STDs.

5. A thick foreign accent is a perfect accessory to a one-night stand. In particular, people http://www.x-fucker.com/hookups-near-me whose native language is of the Romantic variety make ideal partners. But don't even think about faking a foreign accent in order to get laid.
6. Inviting a new friend back to your house and then acting like you can't stand them is only sex-sofa.com/bondage a degree less cruel than inviting the acne-ridden local dork to your lunch table in order to poke fun of his dress sense. You don't have to actually like your one-night stand, but it's just good manners to act as if you did.

7. Because a one-night stand is not the beginning of a beautiful relationship, you shouldn't rely too heavily on niceties like lovey-dovey eye contact, candle-lit baths for two, missionary position, and mushy make-out sessions. Doggie-style is infinitely more appropriate.

8. In fact, you should use the encounter to experiment with acts that you consider out of character. After all, your partner won't think it's out of character--you've only sex-sofa.com/vibrator just met! If you don't talk a little dirtier or get it on a little kinkier, then you're missing out on half the fun.
9. Once the sun has set, you can't ask someone to leave your bed until sunrise. If you're that set on not sharing your bed, do it at their place and then take your leave.

10. Be discreet. Just because this person is a complete stranger to you, doesn't mean they're a stranger to everyone in your social circle. (Hello, Facebook.) If you must brag, avoid mentioning their name or any distinguishing birthmarks (assuming, of course, that you exchanged names).

*  In certain sexed-up circumstances (say, spring break in Cancun, or a swingers' convention in Tampa), the pre-nook goes without saying. At times like these, the implicit promise is that you will get laid, and you will get laid tonight. Therefore, a spring break pre-nook operates in reverse: a) You must fess up before getting to the bedroom if you suffer from erectile dysfunction; and b) You must provide a heads-up if all you're in for is a kiss and a cuddle (though it goes without saying that anyone can change their minds as to how far they are willing to go at any point--we're talking to you, date rapers). The reverse pre-nook allows the recipient to look for their their jollies elsewhere, should they they so desire.

For more on one-night stands, check out both by yours truly, natch.


Johnny said:

I have a female friend who got kind of indignant when a guy gave her the pre-nook. She thought it was presumptuous. She was like, "Woa ho, Mr. Assumes I'll-Fall-In-Love-With-Him! Healthy self-image you've got there!"

B said:

be respectful... if you know someone is secretly (or not so secretly) in love with you, don't even mess around with thinking about a one-nighter with them. Too many people, men and women alike, harbor secret hopes that a one-nighter can be an audition to a more permanent position.


I love it! Pre-marriage for me did involve a few one nights. I took them as experiences. I have a friend who was a very old-fashioned gal, love, marriage, then sex. She had a one night after her divorce and it allowed her to open up to her wild side. She is now in a commited realationship, living together, and not married, but has never been happier. Sometimes the one night stand is all it takes to open your eyes to whats out there. Now the rules need to be clear. I had one, that I wanted to be 1 night, decided he could be on-call, and he thought we were going to get married and have kids. I made it clear I wanted just a "fun" time, but it ended ugly. RULES are RULES for a reason. :)

Brandy said:

I started dating at 16, one guy, and at 20 I was rescued from my abusive relationship and have now been with this man ever since, is it normal to feel like maybe I don't love him just because I feel like I missed out on having sex with others. I am 24 now and I just don't feel like he is the one anymore. I do love him but I am starting to think maybe I am not in love with him.

TS said:

I have been with this one guy for almost two years, and he was my first, although he thinks differently, and we are getting married in a month, im not 18 yet but my mom is signing, but now every time i think about our wedding i get scared and all the guys around me are soooo hot now, its like i wont to sleep around, is it normal? Like does this usualyy happen to women before they get married.

Johnny said:

GAAAH! TS! For the love of God, don't do it! DON'T do it. You're not even old enough to sign your own wedding papers!

Live a little before you settle down, honey!

Now, you may be thinking, "you don't know me, you don't know anything about my relationship, don't tell me what to do."

But that's bullshit. Your situation is not unique, and this one always ends the same way. Getting married at 18 is a bad idea, for everybody, period.

D said:

Seriously TS, hun I am 20 and I haven't experienced much but I do not recommend getting married at such a young age. You haven't experienced life and trust me, the eye candy only gets better as you get older. There is so much out there to discover, please don't sign your youth away because that's what you'll be doing. If you two are meant then you will be but don't rush it. Use your youth as it should be. Live, Love, Explore, Discover... The experiences will be worth it in the end.

TS said:

TS, please listen to Johnny. Do not let anyone pressure you into this marriage!

d said:

I think in a one-night stand, we should always remember that it's not going anywhere else but it will just stay right at that spot. We have to know that it's just about having fun and nothing else beyond that. I had a girl friend who got addicted to this guy she has a one-night stand with and she was even talking to me about them going to the next level. I told her, what the hell is wrong with you?! I gave her the rules of one-night stand and she suddenly realized that things didn't work out for him and that guy. It also works for men. Men shouldn't expect anything as well. It's just a real physical need and nothing else. If you wanna fall in love, then my best advice is, "don't look at having a one-night stand."

Laura said:

TS please, please don't do it. I never did anything with anyone until I was 20 and ended up marrying that same guy 2 years later.

Now 6 years into the marriage I still feel like I am missing something. Don't do it. Give it some time. If he loves you that much he will respect you telling him all the stuff you are thinking now and telling him you would rather hold off on the wedding instead of being a couple of years (and possibly kids) into this and it not working out. Good luck...


To ALL of you under 25.....PLEASE don't enter into a long term relationship or stay in one IF you are not 100% sure. Do you realize the human brain is not even finished developing until the age of 25?? Who you are at 18....23....is NOT who you will be in 5, 10, 25 years from now!!! I mean this in all love and concern....you are not capable of making a life altering decision like this.

I am preaching from experience.....

Sam said:

well the story seems to b takin nother turn (from one night stand to marriage n stuff)... well sam thinks.... age isn't really the factor for definin wen ya meet ya soul-mate..... well indeed i agree wit the fact tht one needs to experiment wit life to learn the best n the worst.... but if ya jus come arnd someone who ya really think is ya soulmate, n ya partner feel the same..... jus go ahead guys..... dont see wats ya age..... "life actaully begin wen ther's someone who wit ya to share each moment of ya life"..... the sooner ya find this person... the sooner ya can start ya life.... days passes before ya met tht special someone r ya preparation days..... all the best !!!

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