If you read our guide to sex-toy gift-giving etiquette last week, then you know it's best to go for nicely designed, higher-end prod. Of course, in this economy, who can afford a $175 Swarovski-crystal-encrusted vibrator with a pink feather tail on a silver stand? But that doesn't mean you can't find an affordably lewd and luxurious present for the fellow-perv in your life. Here are a bunch of cheap(ish) gift ideas from 10 great places -- all are as classy as sex toys can be, and each is under 50 bucks:

1. Jimmy Jane (pictured above) has 9 nice gifts all under $50, including the Pocket Pleasure set, the Iconic Pocket, and massage candles with body brushes.

2. Even though Coco de Mer carries the likes of the crystal and feather Minx mentioned above, they've got some affordable, beautifully packaged stuff on their Gifts for Her / Gifts for Him pages, including CdM Milk Bath ($25), In Fiore Decollete Balm ($50), Ginger & Date massage candle ($48), Ruby Sunrise Lubricant for her and Gentleman's Relish Lubricant (both $27), a spanking ruler with the text "Teach me a lesson" ($13), the book "Twenty Love Poems by Pablo Neruda" ($13), and our favorite, the "I Fucking Love You" card ($7.50).

3. The ladies at Elastic Waist like the Luna Beads from Lelo ($47), the fabu Swedish sex toy designers. Though considering they're for increasing the elasticity of your vadge, this might be the kind of gift better given by a close friend who's also just had a baby rather than by the husband of said new mom, ya know what we're sayin?

4. Speaking of Lelo, Goodvibes has Lelo's lipstick vibe for $49 and their Bob the butt plug for $48, which are both great deals. The former is great for reserved gals, the latter great for uninhibited guys.

5. Babeland carries two affordable vibes from our fave manufacturer, Fun Factory: the adorable Little Paul in pastel colors as well as Laya Spots in assorted colors, both for $48 each. Fun Factory toys always come in sophisticated boxes with handy instructions for use, care and cleaning, which is always nice for newbies.

6. In our big roundup of sex toy storage ideas, the Devine collection (with satchels and lingerie envelopes and condom carrying cases, oh my) were by far the most stylish -- and each are under 50 bucks!

7. For the eco-activist in your life, there are lots of cute organic intimates from places like Nimli: e.g. G=9.8's Thigh Highs ($24) or Pamplemosses Boy Shorts ($35) for her, and G=9.8 Boxer Briefs for him ($42).

8. About the classiest thing (and the cheapest, at least in terms of currency) that you'll find at Agent Provocatuer is their brand of bubble bath ($45). It'll probably make you feel dirty...which could be a good thing.

9. Almost all the products in the "Body" and "Intimate" collections in the "Bath & Body" department at the fancy N.Y.-based Kiki de Montparnasse online store are miraculously $50 or less, like their body creme, oil, shimmer, and "love potion." They've even got a 50 dollar silk blindfold!

10. Just in Case are those cute condom compacts. Their "classic" version is on sale through Dec. 20 for 20 bucks (free shipping on orders of 50 bucks or more).

And last but not least...

11. The perfect book for that recently deflowered 20-year-old, those dear old friends who just started taking dancing lessons to spice up their marriage, or your own girlfriend/boyfriend: the golden, hard-covered "SEX: How to Do Everything." With all those naughty but nice pictures and good advice, it'll help keep whomever you give it to warm on these cold winter nights, if we do say so ourselves.

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