So, we were doing a little wholesome holiday shopping the other day at a typical American mall when we walked by this mannequin outside a Hollister store. Hell-oh! Is that visible stem? Um, yeah. This couldn't be the work of pre-teen prankster mall rats, or else the pants would have been pulled down to reveal the entire anatomically incorrect package. No, this had to have been art direction sent down from corporate. Official penile cleavage. And we couldn't help but think that this was at once a step forward toward true equality between the sexes (i.e. equal opportunity objectification, yay!) AND a step back toward Idiocracy, where pervasive advertising appeals to the lowest common denominator of our reptilian brains (it's the caveman club bonking us all on the heads, making us stupider and stupider, crasser and crasser). Titillated, disappointed, and confused, it was time to get a Cinnabon to make ourselves feel worse.


Zandria said:

Can that mannequin be made in a better likeness of Gerard Butler?

Michelle said:

Dudette, wow....okay...Gerry Butler is hot, but.....ok....


The pic is too dark, to see much of anything? !!

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