When we did our big roundup on sex toy storage possibilities, we didn't know about ToiBocks. Well Dawn Pulman, the president of the company, brought what she calls "the ultimate in discrete storage" to our attention and kindly agreed to send us a sample. The "jewelry box" showed up yesterday (they've also got a "tissue box"). And it's pretty cool!

It looks like an ordinary jewelry box, but you can't lift out the top tray. You need the secret magnet key to unlock it. Underneath is space to hide your favorite sex toy (or toys, if you tend to go for smaller playthings -- ain't no way your Hitachi Magic Wand is fittin' in there). It's pretty nice and solid; not sure if it's $99 nice but we guess you're paying for the novelty.

Some fun facts: In a focus group testing they did (natch) "fear of discovery" was the number one reason women gave for not owning a sex toy. And their $69 ToiTissue (which doesn't lock) was filmed in several scenes on My Own Worst Enemy, that spy drama on NBC with Christian Slater. We're guessing there wasn't a vibrator in it.

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