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A portrait of Freud by Edward W. Eichel

In our recent post "How to...Master the Coital Alignment Technique," we casually mentioned Edward W. Eichel, basically the discoverer of the CAT position whose landmark study "The Technique of Coital Alignment and Its Relation to Female Orgasmic Response and Simultaneous Orgasm" was published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (Vol. 14, No.2, Summer 1988).
And then the dude himself posted in the comments! So we took the opportunity to get him to give us even more details on the ins and outs of the old, or rather, the new in-and-out:

You are the first person to put a name to and publish research about the Coital Alignment Technique -- how did that happen?

In the late 1960s I read about Sigmund Freud's so-called "orgasm theory": Intercourse had to be perfect for the man and FOR THE WOMAN, or the sex act would cause anxiety and depression. From his writing, it seems likely that Freud had the perfect experience himself -- but he was on cocaine, so he never had much to say about the "how-to" of doing it.

So did you have the perfect experience yourself....?

I happened on to the CAT spontaneously in my sex life; it was simply a matter of tuning in to the most intense sensation. When I had the experience of CAT, I was ecstatic. Like Dr. Frankenstein -- I had discovered the secret of life! So, I became a psychotherapist and dedicated my life to the big O.

Both pioneer sex researchers, and women who reported orgasm from intercourse in modern day studies, noted features of what I termed CAT, but no one was clear enough about the specifics of technique to be able to help others get there. So, applying my fine arts background, I spent a few years analyzing and animating medical drawings until I was able to define the technique of the no-hands orgasm well enough to provide the long missing instruction. As noted in your book The Big Bang, I should have gotten the Nobel Prize. But instead, psychiatrists -- in the pay of Big Pharma -- gathered their forces and tried to burn down the castle. The new intercourse was a cure for the most classic sex problems -- and, it got people to Nirvana without drugs.

What makes the CAT so good?

Alison Tyler has edited more than forty-five books of erotica, but perhaps more impressive than that is the fact that she's been married for 15 years and says that her relationship is still "filled with extreme, kinky, varied, crazy, never-have-the-same-sex-twice sort of sex." For both feats, we reckon she deserves some sort of medal. Her latest book is Never Have the Same Sex Twice: A Guide for Couples, which features advice, stories from her own life,  plus some of her favorite erotica from over the years...

After 45 books of erotica, what made you decide to write a how-to book?
In a way, all of my collections are how-to's, sexy jumping-off points for readers who might want to "try this at home." If you flipped open G is for Games, you could be inspired to try your own version of sexy Twister, featured in Madelynne Ellis's "No Limits." (At least, you could be if you were me.) Or if you paged through Love at First Sting, you might just consider buying a handful of colored ribbons and tying up your partner, like in Sommer Marsden's "She Looked Good in Ribbons." Writing an actual guide was a natural next step.
You've been married for 15 happy, monogamous years. How was the sex changed over the years?
We got together in an incredibly steamy, succulent situation, and the sex has only gotten hotter. Right after we met, Sam left for six months of rescue work in the former Soviet Union. (When he said he was going to Georgia, I honestly thought, well, that's not too far away. I can visit. I didn't know he meant Georgia, the Republic of Georgia.) So we spent months emailing each other these ultra-decadent fantasies, and ultimately calling and spending $12 a minute to talk on a satellite phone. Pretty expensive phone sex.

I think the fact that we know each other so well now, and that we trust each other implicitly, is what makes the sex exciting. That and the bottle of Wesson oil by the bedside. ...

We have an article in this month's Glamour magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One habit we looked into was why guys still insist on cheating when they can so easily get busted in this age of technology. To get some answers, we spoke with one guy whose wife busted him wooing another via his computer. Now divorced and very open about his cheating past, his current girlfriend is (of course) suspicious now of his every move. He told us of some very specific techy tricks that you can use to catch your partner, which may ultimately get YOU caught:

12.09.2008  BY EM & LO
We have an article in December's Glamour magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One new habit we looked into were vasectomies for the under-30 -- it seems a small but growing number of men are doing it. Not only did we speak with urologists who perform them (like Dr. Doug Stein) but also with those who undergo them, like Jeremy Youngman, a single, childless tattoo artist outside Chicago who got snipped at age 27. He gave us a long and colorful list of reasons why (without skipping a beat), which we couldn't fit in the feature, but wanted to share since he was so fun to talk with:
  • I think one of the world's biggest problems is overpopulation and I will not contribute to it
  • I love dogs and would rather have a lot of those
  • I find it hard enough to make my own good decisions, let alone instill morals and scruples in another person
  • I can't make doctor / dentist / hairstylist appointments regularly for myself, let alone someone who needs them
  • I don't eat right, and wouldn't want the responsibility of someone else's nutrition
  • I like my sleep uninterrupted
  • If I want to travel, not having kids means a lot less luggage
  • I like to walk around the house naked whenever I want

We have an article in December's Glamour magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One habit we looked into was why guys still insist on cheating when they can so easily get busted in this age of technology. To get some answers, we spoke with Stephanie Buehler, Psy.D., a licensed psychologist, AASECT-certified sex therapist and director of the Buehler Institute in Orange County, CA, where they see a lot of cases involving infidelity:

Why do men (and, I must add, women) think that they can't get caught even though they leave an electronic trail more obvious than Hansel & Gretel's cookie crumbs? Three reasons:

Saucy Brit Emily Dubberley is a Daily Bedpost fave (who can drink both of us under the table). Her latest book, Ultimate Burlesque, is steamy, instructional, and it's raising money for breast cancer. Plus, this prolific sex writer once performed a burlesque in honor of her Rabbit vibrator. Don't you wanna be her best friend?

What is burlesque, and how does it differ from striptease?
Burlesque means parody, it doesn't have to involve nudity, and it's performed by women of all shapes and sizes. However, it often does involve removal of clothes, so "striptease with a sense of humor" is probably the best description.

Have you ever performed a burlesque?
Yes, for a magazine article. I danced to "At Last" by Phoebe Snow--my act was a love song to my Jessica Rabbit vibrator, as the opening line of the song is, "At last my true love has come along" (you had to be there!). Having done a striptease in front of 500 people, despite my cellulite and general lack of dancing ability, I know from personal experience that it's a kick hearing people cheer as you disrobe: sexiness is about attitude, not physical perfection.

Photo via Splash

We have an article in this month's Glamour magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One habit we investigated is guys wearing skinny jeans that look like they'd be a better fit on their 12-year-old little sister (or their undersized girlfriend--yes, we're talking to you, Pete Wentz). Our friend Grant, 32, claims to be a skinny pants maverick. We couldn't fit all of his excellent skinny pants mantra into the article, so we thought we'd share it with you here:

"For the last 20 to 25 years, it's been ingrained in the American psyche that wearing anything form-fitting is sort of faggy. So baggy pants are a macho thing, they're the antithesis to a gay guy wearing a supertight T-shirt. It's an affirmation of one's supposed heterosexuality to go baggier and bigger. I like to buck that trend. John McCain kind of ruined the word maverick, but I like to think of myself as a maverick in the fashion department. And I've got some nice fucking pins, I want to show them off!


We have an article in this month's Glamour magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One new habit we looked into were vasectomies for the under-30 -- it seems a small but growing number of men are doing it. So we spoke with "the King of Vasectomies", urologist Dr. Douglas Stein, who performs about 2,000 a year. And he had an interesting take on how vasectomies are, in part, just the green thing to do:

"Forty percent of pregnancies are unintended. Yes, some of that is teenagers and you're not going to sterilize them, obviously. But a lot of that 40 percent are people who wouldn't mind if the wand of infertility touched them, but something fails (like their planning or their contraception) and they accidentally get pregnant and have the kid.

You have to keep in mind you can recycle every newspaper, Coke bottle, and battery until you die, but you'll never be able to recycle as much as another human being can consume in a lifetime, so preventing one more unintended human is much better for the environment. It's the same thing with your carbon footprint: you can drive a hybrid, ride a bicycle everywhere, use solar power, change your bulbs and you can't possibly reduce your footprint by a factor equivalent to that of another unintended human being. So if you can prevent that, you eliminate an entire lifetime of carbon consumption...

male_waxing_spa.jpgAn "arty" interpretation of male waxing at Face to Face NYC--Day Spa (that's owner Enrique in the black T).

We have an article in this month's Glamour Magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One new habit we looked into was "brozilians"--the male equivalent of the Brazilian bikini wax. Yep, guys from Jay-Z to Diddy to perhaps your cubicle mate are taking it all off down there. So we spoke with Enrique Ramirez, the owner and the lead esthetician of Face to Face NYC--Day Spa:

So is it true that more and more men are waxing down there?
Yes! Men's waxing, for both gay and straight men, is growing at a rapid number--probably at the same rate as our national economic debt!

When do you think this trend really took hold?
About five years ago, after the metrosexual revolution began. For many years men shaved or clipped, but these two methods only provide minimal results for up to two or three days, which can get tiresome to have to shave constantly. Waxing provides smoothness for up to two to three weeks.

What kind of waxing do straight guys tend to go for?
The most popular is still their back wax, but men's private region is growing fast and furious. The most popular treatments are called "Marble Sac with Shaft" (with pubic hair clipping) and the "Crackdown" (in between the cheek area). We created these names to make them sound less intimidating and for gender identification. For women, a Brazilian wax means removing all the hair, while men still prefer to leave some and make it look well-groomed and clean-looking. Men also tell us how their girlfriend/wife enjoys the smoothness and their "man tool" gets a three-dimensional appearance. Anything that gives a man inches will make them very happy!


If you can't find porn you like, the porn librarian at might be able to help...

What is Hot Movies For Her is exactly?
We're an adult blog and Video On Demand site for women.  Our goal is to help women find what turns them on in a safe and encouraging environment.  Besides offering a truckload of porn, we review movies,  books and sex toys, blog about the industry and sexuality, and try to provide a non-judgmental place for women to explore their sexuality.

As their "porn librarian," what do your job responsibilities include?
I review movies, books and toys, and blog for the site.  I also spend a big chunk of time doing nerdy database work that's not very interesting to people who are fascinated by the fact that I work in adult.

What's an average day like? 
Email, writing, database work, usually with porn playing in the background.  I also drink a lot of tea...

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