Merely observing the hetero male of the species in his natural habitat can be utterly confounding for us straight gals, especially when it comes to dating and mating: Why do they do the things they do?! So Glamour asked us to pose seven questions to experts and average guys alike in the hopes of better understanding this mysterious creature:

1. Why are guys getting waxed there? (Our man-handled men covered ball-shaving today; we went one step further.)
2. Why are young guys undergoing vasectomies?
3. Why are guys so amused by "braining"?
4. Why are guys still taking such risks just to get laid?
5. Why are guys wearing skinny jeans?
6. Why are guys obsessed with making sex tapes?
7. Why are guys saying no to casual sex?

To find the answers, check out the December issue of Glamour magazine that just hit stands for our article in the "Relationship Report" department called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" We got a ton of great responses and reactions to these questions that couldn't possibly all fit in a three-page piece, so every Thursday for the next month we'll run a short behind-the-scenes tidbit from this article's research. In the meantime, go pick up a copy and all will be revealed.

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