05.02.2008  BY EM & LO

We know we probably shouldn't knock something until we've tried it. But then again, we don't have to actually eat Spam to know it's gross. Now, we're not saying the new K-Y product, "Yours + Mine", is gross--it could be mind-blowing-ly orgasmic for all we know. But the press release didn't exactly curl our toes:
Enter K-Y® Brand YOURS+ MINE™, the first "HIS + HER" intimacy product for couples. This product is truly unique--two thrilling sensations that lead to conversation both in AND out of the bedroom. Encased in two sleek test tubes, the lubricants are labeled "yours" and "mine," and give a different sensation for each partner. "Yours" is thrilling for her, "mine" is exciting for him, and together they add up to a totally new experience. K-Y® Brand YOURS+ MINE™ can help couples achieve greater intimacy through better communication and a mutually exciting experience.
Ugh. But before we poo poo the puddin' without tasting it first, we thought we'd see if Lindsay from K-Y's PR company could clear up some questions:
Em & Lo: What's the difference between the two lubes, i.e. what makes one specially formulated for her and one for him, and do they feel different or do they just have different scents? We smell pure marketing gimmick...
YOURS + MINE™ is the first couples lubricant in the intimacy category. Each lubricant features its own unique sensation that will feel differently for everyone, as it is based on body chemistry, how much is used, etc. When the two lubricants combine, they add up to an amazing new experience. "YOURS" is for him, and "MINE" is for her. The two lubricant sensations were assigned to him and her based on research that showed those respective sensations were most pleasurable for the respective sexes.
What would happen if she used his lube and he used hers? Any side-effects, like her wanting more casual sex and him wanting to cuddle?
He could use hers and she could use his, as it is encouraged to experiment and decide for yourselves which combination works best for your own chemistry.
What happens exactly when the two lubes combine, any chemical reactions or literal fireworks?
When the lubricants combine, each partner feels their respective sensation more intensely, and also feels what the sensation that the other person is feeling. For example, women feel "MINE" more intensely, and also feel the "YOURS" that her partner is experiencing.
Funny, well-made commercial [it begins at minute 1:24 of the above video], but what's with the b-roll? We had elementary school book reports with higher production value.
Maybe Lindsay thought this was a rhetorical question--either that or else she wasn't going to dignify such a smartass question with an answer--but we're still unclear why the b-roll video is so low-budge. Despite our silly questions, she's still going to send us some samples. We'll keep you posted.


Ariel said:

Don't you think it's weird that in the press release they say "Yours" is for her, "Mine" is for him, and Lindsay says "Yours" is for him, "Mine" is for her? Also, I realize that the sensations one feels will no doubt differ from person to person, but could she at least have given a gist of the intended sensation of each lube? Like "tingling" or "warming"? She doesn't answer the question any more than the press release does!

Anna said:

Ariel, I was just going to point that Yours/Mine PR switch up out myself! I'm really puzzled. Seems intuitive that the K-Y folks would have to give this stuff a go, first-hand, before they attempt to answer legit questions on the subject. Maybe then they could give us a semi-helpful description of the respective sensations.

Chelsea said:

I don't know what you guys are talking about...that B-roll clip gets pretty saucy around the 50 sec mark.

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