Sometimes it's easier to impart sexual technique by focusing on what NOT to do -- especially when it comes to something as variable as kissing, where there are so many different styles, techniques and preferences that many people enjoy. So by focusing on the negative -- the 20 things almost all people DON'T enjoy -- we hope to help you osculate with style.

Whatever you do, DO NOT...

1 ... have bad breath or unclean teeth -- it's the equivalent of hooking up in underwear with skid marks.
2 ... lick your lips before going in -- this is not dinner.
3 ... drown your lips in gloss or lipstick.
4 ... tongue jab.
5 ... have chapped lips.
6 ... aim for their uvula with your tongue.
7 ... slobber all over your partner's face -- spit is cold and nasty when it gets outside your mouth.
8 ... make your tongue hard and pointy.
9 ... head straight for the boobs, the ass or the crotch as soon as the kissing commences.
10 ... immediately ram your tongue inside.
11 ... open your mouth as wide as possible, like you're attempting to eat the other person's head.
12... kiss with a cold sore (i.e. oral herpes).
13 ... fail to mention that you have oral herpes, even if you're currently asymptomatic, as there's still always a chance -- albeit slight -- of transmission.
14 ... run your tongue along their gums.
15 ... sneak up on someone so they don't have a chance to deflect the incoming kiss.
16 ... hold their head in a headlock or press too hard, especially if beard stubble is involved.
17 ... withhold tongue altogether.
18 ... conduct the oral equivalent of a limp handshake -- it'll make your partner feel like they're kissing a dead fish.
19 ... look around or over your partner's shoulder during the kiss. (Some people like to kiss with their eyes open, but we recommend keeping your peepers shuttered during a first or early kiss, as wide eyes can freak some people out.)
20 ... kiss with gum or food in your mouth.

and one more for good measure:

21 ... fart while you kiss.



I had a guy that was chewing gum before he went in for the kiss. It split up and ended up all over his face.

lil d said:

wow who are you the kissing expert........i know the perfect way to kiss!!!

Cat said:

thank you! i couldn't explain to my honey why his kisses weren't thrilling me. you just did. and i learned something i wasn't doing right. thanks!!


do not burp while u kiss

Mary said:

I thought this was all things everyone already knew, but I understand letting the younger people out there know what not to do. Not to mention the "grown" men out there who just know they "know how to kiss a woman". Believe me I have been there. I am sure alot of the readers have been here too.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can find someone you are compatible with and not have to worry about if you are going to have to help him, and yes even her, kiss you like you would like to be kissed. I'm really lucky. I finally found one I don't have to help learn how to kiss me... he already knew. Thank the Goddess and God!!

prissy said:

ok i had a guy just go straight to my butt or my boobs i felt weird so i broke up with him i really didnt like that he did that.

mizzcaramel said:

eat then kiss some one then the person u kiss can taste the food you ate

Joel said:

I thought the kiss was automatic like a natural reaction or instinct . I also thought this was common information . But there is much more . LIKE THE I love you truly kiss the passionate kiss the I like you kiss the you'r a good friend kiss and of course I want to have sex right now kiss !!Don't think too much it really does come naturally and one bit of advice I can give is not to forget that there is another person involved .The person you are kissing knows how you truly feel you'r kiss does not lie so how you feel is how you will kiss cant fake that . So be comfaotable and give her a kiss she will know what that kiss means guarantted . By now Joel

Mikaela said:

Hm.. there's only one I'd have to disagree with:
16 ... hold their head in a headlock or press too hard, especially if beard stubble is involved.
lol. I guess I'm a perve, I like it. -_- Ahwell... The rest re definitely no-nos.. I'm having a hard time getting my boyfriend to give me a real kiss because when we first started going out he seriously had no idea how to and I actually laughed afterwards. I felt sooooooo bad, but he seriously did
6 ... aim for their uvula with your tongue. and..
11 ... open your mouth as wide as possible, like you're attempting to eat the other person's head.
I couldn't help but laugh, but I found out he had only had one other partner and she didn't like to kiss at all. So I guess he's laerning, but... only when I can convince him to try.
Another good rule is: DONT SUCK WITH ALL OF YOUR MIGHT!!! You don't want to try to choke on their tongue. lol

wolfiearwyn said:

ummm one more- dont try to eat the other persons face. they arent a dinner buffet.


my woman says it is really nice when i suprise her and kiss after i ate a piece of candy that she really likes

MADDIE said:

OMG!!! this stuff really works. my first kiss with my boyfriend was perfect... we loved every second!

Namaste said:

My ex and I had a simple rule... If one of us ate garlic (Or something of similarly strong flavor) we both ate it... Otherwise we'd have to postpone kissing until we could find a place to brush our teeth, so that the other would not get a taste-shock...

(Sure, we could wait to kiss, but who wants to do that?!?)

Keira said:

my b/f takes his tongue and just throws it in and goes crazy!!!! ewwww then its all wet and slobbery nasty

Jay said:

13 ... fail to mention that you have oral herpes, even if you're currently asymptomatic, as there's still always a chance -- albeit slight -- of transmission.

Oh come on - I have to inform my partner before kissing them that I had a cold sore four years ago?

I'm all for honesty and disclosure, but that's going too far.

Jade said:

i cant stand when a guy kisses w/his mouth completely open and his tongue roaming around looking for mine; its gross.

Poppy said:

I'm not gonna tell every single person I kiss that I get a cold sore once in a blue moon. Besides, I take those Valtrex things if I have any involvement with anyone. They work for cold sores, too!

Also, having a soft tongue run over your gums (once in a while) feels fuckin awesome. What the hell?

Rubo said:

Ok running ur tongue on the gums is fuckin amazing like poppy said, i agree! and wetting ur lips is ok, u dont want to kiss with dry lips its weird as hell! so i disagree with those! everything else is common sense!

ren said:

don't try to kiss for more than 1 minute at a time we need time to breath

kaye said:

i should forward this to my X, he was like kissing a slimy fish stick. nasty. wide mouth, bad breath, roaming tongue....and i swear he farted one time! lol

edward said:

grlz dont listen 2 the person who said dont put andythin on ur lipz i lke it when my grl gotz on her cherry lip gloss i lov it and




A boy once kissed me and I swore that I would never kiss him again cause he got spit all over my mouth. That felt sooooooooo nasty! Ew.

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